Computer Science

Welcome to my GITA 1 webpage! This year I am learning c#,
but this was made in html. This website has many assignments
that I have work on in class. There are many things that I hope I can
learn so I have to ability to create many different applications.

Goodbye Project


This project demonstrates how to change the word goodbye into the same word but in a different language in the press of a button.

About Page


This program gives a description of a studio that I have imagined up. It can also change color, font, and display images by button presses.

Mailing Label


This program demonstrates the use of textboxes to gather input from the user and give output so that you can create a mailing label.

Car Rental


This program also has a mailing label, and calculates the amount of miles you have driven and the total cost. It also tells the manager the average amount spent, cars returned, and total amount gained.

BMI Calculator


This program calculates your BMI, the average BMI, and the total amount of people calculated based on your hieght and weight.

Car Rental 2


This program is an upgrade from the first car rental. It now has radio and checkboxes which change the calculations based on which buttons you press.

Test Score Program


This program calculates the percentages of two different scores, gives the average percentage of the two scores, and tell which score is higher.

Dice Program


This program randomly rolls two die with numbers 1-12. It also gives the percentage of times a certain number was rolled.

Craps Game


This program is a version of the classic casino game, Craps.

T-Shirt Program


This program uses radio buttons for the user to check which size T-shirt you want. It uses check buttons for the user to see what extra details you want. After you check all the boxes it calculates the user's total. The program also gives manager stats which show: total customers, total sale, and average sales.

Slot Machine


This program is a version of another classic casino game, Slot Machine.



This program is version of the game Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Fish Program


This program has a fish moving left and right randomly and can hit wall which stop it from moving in that direction.

Fish 2D


This program is an upgrade of the first fish program. The fish now goes up and down and left and right.



This program gives the user information of one of the bowl finals.



This program is a recreation of tic-tac-toe. It has all the same rules and strategies.

N! Calculator


This program calculates a sequence, factoral, odd, even, and, the fibonacci formula.

Basic AI


This program has a AI which follows the player, when the AI goes over the player the player takes damage. The player can also shot bullets at the AI which stop it in it's the AI from moving for a short period of time.

Star Field


This program has stars zooming past you in all directions constantly.

Fish Aquarium


This program has a fish and shark moving randomly around. If the shark goes over a fish it gets eaten and falls down to the floor. The program also has a boat with fishing line which when the fish goes over the line, it gets caught.

Number Array


This program searches for a number, then tells how many times it was found, how many times it took to find that number, and the average amount of times it took to find that number.



This program is a example of a historgram. It shows an approximate representation of the distribution of numerical data. Press the button to have the graph be drawn.



This program has a plane flying over head, dropping bombs. You can shot back at it as well.

Final Project


This program is the last project of this year. It is a shooter type game where the player can choose three different characters who have their own individual abilities. You shoot enemies for three waves and then fight a boss to win the game.