Why Your Computer is Slow

Over time, your computer will inevitably begin to slow down. Because we use computers for a variety of purposes, there is no one exact reason behind this.One reason may be that as you download and use softwares over time, your computer gets filled with files that use up system resources. This is why when you buy a new computer it is lightning fast.

Another major cause for system slow down is file corruption, mainly caused by bugs in the OS (operating system: windows is an operating system), static electricity, power surges, failing hardware, and normal system decomposition with age for windows users.

Another reason is not having enough ram; this causes your hard drive to compensate for a lack of memory. The computer will constantly try to get more RAM by taking resources away from other tasks, causing them to slow down in turn

Simply running out of hard drive space can also cause problems. As your storage fills up your computer speed suffers. However, even if you have a lot of storage space, your computer may still be slow. This may be caused by constant software updates, as they grow in size and use more system resources.

Side note: spinning hard drives naturally slow down as they get older; they will die eventually